May 30, 2017

Angela ~ Small Repair

Sorry I'm posting a bit later than usual, the holiday threw me off.  But at least I have something to share.

I was given a very nice vintage Stetson Fedora to resell on Ebay.  But the covering for the stay had torn from age.  So I repaired it by whip stitching very close to hold it all in place.
I think it looks fairly good and its not seen when being worn.  It was worth doing as the hat is priced at $50 with the repair photo and noted.  Every other part of the hat was in excellent condition.


Judy S. said...

Very clever! And it looks like you're the only one who remembered that it was Tuesday!

cq4fun said...

It looks very nice! I really like hats and wish these were the days when people wore them a lot.

ladyhawthorne said...

I used to wear a lot of hats when I had a church to go to. Now we have a reader's service in my friend's dining room as the church is too far away. I sold all my hats when I moved.